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Welcome to the Innovation Gallery

Explore the Innovation Gallery at the SAC Tech Store to experience some of the latest trending technologies!  In-store demonstrations are free to the public.  Check the dates below for the next demonstration.  Admissions is free.

• Experience some of the latest available technology.

• Learn and find out how technology is revolutionizing the world we live in.

• Expand your thoughts about using technology to start a business or even to develop your own technical skills.

At the Innovation Gallery, you will have an opportunity to connect with the latest products and services in a fun, interactive setting.


Demonstration Information

Check on our Training Calendar to see when our innovation gallery is on demo!


Google Cardboard viewers can turn your smartphone into a full-on virtual reality device without a high price tag.  Stop by the SAC Tech Store to explore the world through virtual reality goggles.



3D Printing is used to create physical objects from 3D digital files.  A 3D printer and print samples are now on display at the SAC Tech Store.



Leap Motion, an innovative motion controller, allows interaction with digital content in a virtual space.  Visit the SAC Tech Store to experience an entirely new way to interact with your computer.



Parrot mini drones are small, easy-to-pilot mini-quad-copters that are more affordable than heftier drone models.  Drones are unmanned aircraft that can be controlled by remote or onboard computer systems.



Experience the magic of virtual reality through Oculus Rift.  Originally started as a gaming tool, Rift has attracted a significant interest in education through virtual field trips, simulations, and therapeutic experiences for all.



Designed for ages 5-12, Osmo is a gaming and learning platform that utilizes the iPad as well as physical objects.  Visit the SAC Tech Store to see why these brain games are enough to perplex even an adult's mind.



Say goodbye to traditional video conferencing and say hello to a revolutionary new form of interaction.  Come by the SAC Tech Store to view the latest tools for communicators.



The zSpace system is an all-in-one virtual reality computer.  Using a stylus and zSpace glasses, users can explore, interact with simulated objects in a virtual environment, and understand the concepts behind them.



Come try out the Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard at the SAC Tech Store and magically display a virtual keyboard from almost any Bluetooth enabled device.



Sprout is a fully integrated desktop 3D scanning solution with 3D object capture, editing and print options.  With Sprout, you can scan a real world object and customize it in the digital world by adding new design elements.


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